About Us

Sree Rudhra Holistic Health Centre is a traditional Marma Kalari institution established by Ramji Ravindran with blessing and guidance from Sri Sreejith Gurukkal. Sri Sreejth Gurukkal and his team have years of experience in speciality Marma Kalari treatment and traditional martials arts.

It was Gurukkal support, who revived this age old art in Malabar and gave it a new lease of life by drawing disciples from all over the world. Sreejith Gurukkal, the guiding force of the institution, hails from North Malabar with years of tradition in Kalarippayat and Marma Chikitsa. Mr. Ravindran also belongs to the Ayurvedic family with his great grandfather belong the famous pediatric Ayurvedic physician late Sri Appavu Vaydiyan at Kottayam, Kerala.

Our main aim is to provide authentic treatment for the people who have various physical & mental disorders and we would like to encourage people to start using holistic ways in their healthy life style.

We also have exclusive Ayurveda boutique in the House of Ayurvedam at Hyderabad.